Internet Explorer, MIME sniffing and broken images

Internet Explorer, MIME sniffing and broken images

Did you recently notice broken images in your Drupal 7 sites? Especially images which were converted from jpg to png using image styles? Then read on!

Drupal 8 + Gulp + BrowserSync

Drupal + Gulp + BrowserSync

You might wonder whether you need automation task runners like Grunt or Gulp with Drupal. Common usecases for these tools are css/js aggregation/minification but there are at least two ways in which a task runner can help you out in Drupal.

GsoC 2015: Making Drupal Smarter


Google summer of Code is in it's final weeks and this year I'm a mentor of a project called "Making Drupal Smarter" by Lucian Hangea. Make sure you keep an eye on this Drupal 8 project which is currently available on github, and will become a full project on later this year. Experiments allow for variations testing using algorithms and you can also set success conditions for every variation. A very cool feature of the module is the integration with page_manager which will allow people who are used to panels to easily create variatons!

Polymer 1.0 - Web Components and Material Design

You might have noticed a short announcement at the last Google I/O about Polymer, which just released a 1.0 version. Polymer is great because it allows you to create next-generation (web)apps with native app capabilities using web components. It also provides a catalog with elements you can use. Among others the Paper elements which use Google's Material Design principels. There is a lot more to say about polymer, but if you want to get yourself a full demo app, try the starterkit! Also, you might be interested in using Polymer together with Drupal 8.


Next Generation Web Apps using the Service Worker

Next Generation HTML5 Web Apps using the Service Worker

The open web achieved a small but important milestone with the latest release of Chrome (42) and its added support for push notifications, offline usage and performance. These features are essential in closing the gap between native (IOS/Android) and web (HTML5) apps.

What we learned by building our new company site in Drupal 8

Table tools office chair

Last week, we launched our new company site built in Drupal 8. Previously, it was a Drupal 6 site built ages ago and in high need of a redesign anyway. So, with Drupal 8 around the corner, what better way to learn Drupal 8 and help development at the same time?

We started exploring around the time of the first beta, and decided to write up all the bumps in the road we encountered along the way. Overall, it was a great experience and we even managed to squeeze in a patch or two to fix some bugs. Drupal 8 clearly has a lot of improvements for everybody: developers will enjoy the solid framework, frontend people get Twig, and I can't wait to show clients the quick edit functionality.

Artificial Intelligence and content-driven webdesign

The Grid: AI in webdesign

It's been called anything from an 'industry game-changer', the 'next revolution in CMS' to simply 'the future of webdesign'. Whatever it may become, The Grid (launch in spring 2015) sure has got a lot of attention lately and could stir things up in the industry, if it's executed wel. Content-driven design (automated A/B testing) combined with artificial intelligence seems to be a logical next step and it's making a lot of people very excited, as well as many designers a bit nervous. 


SplashAwards 2014

SplashAwards 2014 Nominee

For the first time this year, Drupal sites in the Benelux could compete for a SplashAward. Last friday, the winners were announced in a cozy theater in Amsterdam [pics]. More then 40 nominated projects and people were nominated in 10 different categories. We also got nominated in the category "Social" with our project We didn't win it, but we got a lot of praise from @horncologne during the announcement [video]. We are very proud to get nominated and want to thank the orgainisation for a great evening and of course congratulations to all the winners!

For everybody who is unfamiliar with Biebtobieb, checkout our special showcase page. In short: Biebtobieb is an extensive social platform, kinda like a "Drupal Commons on steroids".

Code syntax highlighting in Drupal using CKEditor's new features

Code syntax highlighting in Drupal using CKEditor's new features

CKEditor introduced widgets in 4.3 and with this, an entire new set of plugins emerged who use widget in order to embed special types of "rich" content. One of the plugins is CodeSnippet.

Notes DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

Merge @ Drupalcon Amsterdam 2014

Here are some of the notes we made during DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014!


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