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So here it is: today Acquia officially launched their network - codenamed 'Spokes' untill now - and their distribution of 'Acquia Drupal' which was codenamed 'Carbon' until now. This is the first commercially supported version of Drupal.

I took it up for a quick spin to check it out. Basically it's a version of Drupal 6.4 with the latest versions of popular modules like Views, CCK, Image module, ImageCache and others. You can see the full modules list here. Also available are a couple specific Acquia modules which are needed if you have a subscription at Acquia.

Acquia has also published a full overview of their product subscription. They look pretty similar to the ones they presented at Drupalcon in Szeged. There is also a roadmap available to see what modules are under consideration for future releases.

As a bonus you also get a nice clean template from the guys at topnotchtheme. It's basic but is very easy on the eyes. (and hey, at least it's something else than Garland!)

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