Meet Fruity: our attempt to prettify Drupal

As announced earlier, we finally published the first version of our theme (or “template”) named Fruity.

[caption id="attachment_512" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Download Fruity - a Drupal admin theme"]Download Fruity - a Drupal admin theme[/caption]

Fruity is free (GPL) and designed to be used as a admin theme specificly. Fruity is a clean and standards compliant Drupal 5 theme.

Included are some instructions to help you make the theme work the way we intended. We also recommend the use of a relatively small module (see the instructions) to make Drupal 5 use the admin theme for pages like log in, register, reset password and create/edit content. (In Drupal 6, this bit of functionality is available out-of-the-box.)

Our goal with Fruity was to have a usable and slightly better-looking alternative to Garland. It has been tested on Firefox, IE7 (not IE6), Opera, Safari and Chrome and also with popular modules like CCK and Views.

Here are some things on our wishlist for future versions:

  • use icons, where necessary
  • make certain buttons look more like actual “buttons” instead of regular text links (e.g. add, editdelete)
  • improve the menu structure
  • enable theme settings, make things more configurable
  • support the color module
  • port to drupal 6

Take it out for a spin, we'd love to hear what you think!

(We are also in the process of adding the theme to

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