So, how was DrupalJam?

Last friday we went to our first DrupalJam right here in our hometown Breda. It was a bit like a mini-mini-drupalcon. A lot of familiar faces and a lots of Drupal-talk. We could only attend the afternoon program, where we took part in:

  • Ber Kessels initiated an 'iDeal payments' group which should become the central place to find information on iDeal implementation through Drupal. Another goal would be to create a generic iDeal module which could be used in Drupal through an API. In contrast to current modules which are Ubercart-only ideal plug-ins.
  • OneShoe presented a showcase on the new GroenLinks (political group in the Netherlands) website which will be completely powered by Drupal. Impressive to see that Drupal can indeed handle a site with 300 subsites on different subdomains. (hint: take a look at the domain access module...)
  • Clemens Tolboom explained the advantages of having a command line in Drupal by using modules like drush and the extension he made for it: the drush module manager (handy!). Nobody in the room actually saw his presentation due to failing hardware, so if you missed it you can download the pdf from his site.

There was also some discussion about: Acquia, the pace of new Drupal versions (module developers can't keep up which makes it difficult to use the most up-to-date version of Drupal) and about Drupal beginner's mistakes and upgrading a Drupal 5 site from 6. Currently I'm in the process of upgrading a 5 site to D6 - when it's done I'll try to summarize the process and things to watch out for.

Finding the right Drupal module

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