T-shirts for webgeeks

If you're into webdesign, coding or enjoy tv-series like The IT-crowd you might already own a t-shirt to express your geeky lifestyle. But maybe you just know a web developer and are looking for an original christmas gift to buy?

There are a lot of sites that sell t-shirts, but fewer have shirts specific for internet geeks. Even less have great shirts. Recently I stumbled upon this site with some excellent and funny designs. Especially some creative Drupal t-shirts. Everyone who works with Drupal will smile at the shirt that says: "I don't know what the question is, but the answer is Views".

Another nice t-shirt, made by 'the King of Denmark' is Jack Drupal. Or if you're looking for more generic t-shirts you might check out Nerdyshirts, Busted Tees, T-shirts from hell and of course Thinkgeek.

Web to print is big trend, and more and more sites offer you on-line tools to create your own shirts. For example at Spreadshirt. Even more innovative is Reactee where you can create a shirt to which reacts to anybody who sends an sms to the number on the shirt. There even is a Twitter t-shirt which reacts with your current twitter status!

Try explaining that one to your 80-year old grandma...

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