Building a community site with Drupal 6

drupal-ultimate-community-guideDrupal is an excellent framework to build a community member site, but it isn't that easy. It involves a lot of steps, knowledge, theming, tweaks and configurating to make things work well and look good. Which modules should I use to achieve certain functionality? How do I put it all together? Drupal is a very flexible and extensive CMS but it also makes it difficult to oversee the enormous amount of options you have to handle any challenge.

Dorien Herremans wrote an excellent book about creating the ultimate community website with Drupal 6. It's a great read for anyone who's involved in Drupal development and contains a recipe howto build a community site just like

Even with the ebook, you will need advanced Drupal skills and experience. Especially if you run into problems, want something a bit different or need to customize the template. Don't expect to build your own Facebook or Hyves with it in a weekend, but nevertheless this showcase is a great resource and really shows how powerful Drupal is.

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