Monster Media Sprint New York

The new media library for Drupal won't make it into Drupal 7 core, but there will be a big code sprint this weekend in New York to get this project on the road! Thanks to an amazing sponsorship chip-in organized by the community, the plane ticket was raised within days and our team member @mverbaar will be flying to the Monster Media Sprint in NY tomorrow to contribute in this great development!

As I mentioned in a previous post, there already has been a lot of activity around the media library. It was one of the more succesful microprojects during D7UX and the result of this iterative proces is a solid set of wireframes, and even some video's to get a good feeling how everything is going to work. This part of the project focused on the functional design, user experience and usability, and Maarten put a lot of great effort into visualising this project.

Now, this weekend, developers and designers will come together and endlessly discuss put this into code, dusting off the old media project (which was more of an experimental proof-of-concept thing than an actual module). The result should be a good start for a Drupal 7 module which provides this much needed functionality. Then, the module will be back-ported for Drupal 6.

We want to thank everybody who chipped in for Maarten's ticket and wish everybody on the project good luck this weekend!

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