10 Small but Useful Drupal Modules (part 2)

Here we are with the follow up from last week post, another 5 small but interesting modules.

6. Views (JQuery) tablesorter

Display. Why use slow and possibly expensive mysql queries to sort a views table if you can do it in the browser? This module uses Jquery tablesort to sort your tables. Because of this it is lightning fast, as you can see on in this example. However, there are some caveats. JQuery is not aware of the data types in the columns, so if you sort on a date field which used '... time ago' as display, it will fail to sort properly.

7. Reverse Node Reference

Architecture. Ever noticed you can node-reference any node to another, which allows you to easily retrieve the referred node data in views relationship. But if you want to travel the other way around you needed one of these modules to create a two-way reference, which can lead to incosistent data architecture. This module solves this by using nested joins which requires MySQL 5.1.

8. Content Display Order

Display. Did you ever want to order CCK fields one way as they are displayed in the node and another in the admin edit/add screen, without using the overhead of a package like Display Suite? This little module might be what you were looking for.

9. Database Tuner

Performance.  Trouble with slow queries? This experimental module is interesting if you are into optimizing your database. It offers a number of suggestions which should have a positive influence on your mysql queries. Mostly adding indexes, changing your engine type or collation.

10. Term Case

Usability / Display.  Take control of your taxonomy terms by forcing them to become all lowercase, uppercase, or first character uppercase. This won't prevent duplicate entries but it will clean up your vocabularies. (For complex taxonomies you could  take a look at taxonomy manager).

10 Small but Interesting Drupal Modules (part 1)

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