E-book Polymer + Drupal 8

Are you interested in building next-generation web-apps? Featuring:

  • Native-like user experience (performance)
  • Drupal 8 as a backend (decoupled / headless using REST services)
  • Polymer 1.0+ as frontend (WebComponents)
  • Pushing the boundaries of HTML5
  • Push notifications
  • Material Design
  • Offline capabilities / caching
  • Routing (SEO friendly)
  • Other really cool stuff 

Would you be interested in a e-book explaining howto build a system like this, including examples and code? The e-book would include one free introduction chapter. Leave your e-mail and we will get back to you.

About the author:
Albert Skibinski has published a Drupal 7 book in 2012 about site building, which was available in general bookstores in the Netherlands.

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