10 best practices for Drupal features

Drupal best practices

For the last couple of years, we've collected a number of best practices for using the Drupal features module. Check out the slides.

Headless Drupal

Headless Drupal

We just had a little presentation and discussion at the office about "Headless Drupal". If you want to know more, checkout the slides or goto the Headless Drupal Group on groups.drupal.org if you want to know more. Reddit also has a discussion about this topic, and there are quite some session proposals for Drupalcon Amsterdam.

Drupal 8: which Drupal 7 modules went into core?

Drupal 7 modules available in Drupal 8

We started building our new company site in Drupal 8 (release alpha-7) to get a real good feel of D8. Not just by a quick install but really get our hands dirty and get a good look under the hood. We already built our first module in Drupal 8 during DrupalCon Prague so we knew a bit what to expect, but we still had some basic questions: Which Drupal 7 modules went in to Drupal 8 core? Which drupal 7 contrib modules won't be necessary anymore in Drupal 8? 

Webdesign guide for UX/graphic designers

Webdesign guide for UX/graphic designers

We specialize in web (Drupal) development: we code and build awesome websites. And although we hardly do any graphic designing ourselves, we do know a lot about UX/design in general. That's why we wrote a webdesign guide (Dutch only for now) to help designers streamline the process. It is work in progress but we wanted to share it with you because it seems there are a lot of questions about the deliverables out there. Let us know what you think!

Get email notifications as anonymous when new content is posted


It's a pretty common request by clients: As an anonymous user, receive email notifications when new content (by a specific author) is posted on your Drupal site. Existing Drupal solutions don't meet the requirements because they often rely on authenticated users. We already use (and love) MailChimp, so why not use the monkeys to take care of the heavy lifting? We created a new module (currently sandbox/beta) which does precisely that: mailchimp subscriptions. Feedback is welcome!

CKEditor mentions

CKEditor mentions

One of our projects is biebtobieb.nl (a large community website for people working in the Dutch library industry). In this project we created several custom modules, and while most of them are too specific/tailored to be useful for others, one of them could be quite useful: ckeditor mentions, and because our client is convinced about the benefits of contributing back to the Drupal community we are now proud to release it to the public. See the project page for details!

How namespaces/PSR-0 got in Drupal 8

php code

At time of writing, Drupal 8 is still at least 6 months away. But there are already quite a lot of examples available how things are going to look. One of the things which is going to change is the way PHP code is written. Drupal 8 will use namespaces and PSR-0 as a standard and will large follow common PHP conventions for OOP code.

Manualy overriding default rules and views on feature enable

Manual override

Features is a great tool but has its limitiations. For one, you can't easily add stuff like views and rules which are already in code and provided by other modules.

Commerce for example extensively uses default views and rules. One workaround is to clone the rule/view and add that one to your feature. But then you would like to disable the original one or you end up with duplicate entries. A nice way to do this is with some custom code in your features .module file (which is mostyl empty and features will never override it).

See the 'disable rule on feature enable snippet' here.

DrupalJam 2013

DrupalJam 2013 - Drupal Beyond the Code

Get your tickets for DrupalJam 2013 (17/5) - the biggest yearly Dutch Drupal event. This year's Drupaljam, located at 'De Kuip' in Rotterdam, will also include sessions 'beyond Drupal' by inspiring people who aren't necessarily members of the Drupal community.

Look beyond your own backyard and expand your horizon! Also, we are bronze sponsors this year.

Getting your styles right

Styling done right in Drupal means you need to style the system, not individual pages/designs, allowing for a DRY set of styles which keep your site lean and mean. But it can be difficult to find all UI elements which are used throughout Drupal. A handy module which makes this a lot easier is styleguide. It renders a page with all core style elements, buttons, tables, lists, forms and whatever you have, making the life of a themer that much easier. Oh, and by the way, did you see the Drupal 8 proposal for the Seven theme style guide?


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