Semantic Views obsolote for Views 3/D7?

Semantic Views 3 Drupal 7

We had this discussion at the office the other day, wondering whether we should keep using Semantic Views in Drupal 7. We loved it in Drupal 6 but there are options in Views 3 to remove all default wrappers en provide your own field wrappers (oh joy!). However there is still some discussion about certain limitiations. Especially if you want to use HTML5 elements.

Training resources: Hello Drupal!

Acquia Hello Drupal

Acquia released a collection of free Drupal training resources called "Hello Drupal". It contains two manuals, howto's and a presentation accompanied with a lot of instruction notes. The tutorial uses Drupal Gardens for examples but it is a great resource if you want to get a group of people up to speed with Drupal within a day.

Drupal 7.9 released

According to the new predictable point release schedule, Drupal 7.9 was released yesterday. No security fixes, but a lot of bugfixes in this release. By the way, did you know you can check the porting status to Drupal 7 of the 60 most popular contrib modules? And 

About webdesign

Some interesting reading this week for webdesigners. Notes taken by Luke Browlewski at the recent Event Apart in Washington: Content First, Design Principles, Persuasive Design, The Responsive Designers Workflow and Adaptive Web Content. Also, don't forget to put "One Web" by Jeremy Keith in your 'read later' list. 

Dark Patterns: evil webdesign

Dark patterns (or anti-patterns) are dirty tricks and things you (and the people who design your website) should NOT do. It's barely legal but it's certainly bad. Check out for an overview of examples of bad behaviour. Don't be evil ;)

Windows loves Drush

We love drush. It's a tool which makes Drupal developers smile. But only if you were developing on Mac/Linux because it was a real pain in the *** to get it up and running on Windows. Things just got a lot easier with this Drush Windows Installer which automatically installs version 5.x. 

Mapping Drupal skills

Dries already tweeted about this last week, but I still think it's worth mentioning. Some people in the curriculum & training group on made a great effort on mapping al skills related to Drupal. They are also mapped against certain roles (e.g. Theming, Design & UX) to easily see which skills are needed for certain roles. 

So what's this Whiskey thing people keep talking about?


WSCCI, the Web Services and Context Core Initiative for Drupal 8 - or "Whiskey" for short - is going to change the way Drupal works, transforming it from a CMS into a REST server, which happens to have a great CMS on top of it. Highly recommended: check out this presentation from BadCamp by various core developers. Interesting note: apparantly there is a lot of good code in Symphony which can be used for D8.

Contextual Administration

You can customize pretty much everything in Drupal, except a lot of administration UX. For example, did you ever just want your clients to have a button at the news view to simply add a news node using the overlay module? You can do that (and a lot of other cool stuff like automatic node reference) using the contextual administration module which depends on ctools (but you are already using ctools aren't you?).

Used correctly this module can improve your sites' usability. Read Kris' blog post about it and check some of the great video's avalaible on the project page to see some examples.

Drupal BadCamp 2011

Today is the start of BadCamp 2011 in Berkely, California. "A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world". It draws over 1400 people which makes it bigger than many previous Drupalcons (!). Follow #badcamp on Twitter. Also, be sure to check out the keynote interview with Dries.


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