DrupalCon CPH day three

At the FooBar
Here is a summary of day three at DrupalCon Copenhagen, covering some interesting performance sessions, the excellent HTML5 keynote and developing for ipad/iphone/android. (and some partying at the FooBar)

DrupalCon CPH day two

Bella Center Gods
Day two, with keynote by Rasmus Lerdorf, sessions by Mark Boulton, MortenDK and Developmentseed about various topics including Aegir, drush make, grid systems and cleaning up your HTML/CSS markup in Drupal 7.

DrupalCon CPH day one

This week, our team arrived from the Netherlands by car and plane to the capital of Denmark; Copenhagen. We are attending DrupalCon - the bi-annual Drupal conference for everybody who is involved with Drupal. Here is a overview of our day one with future talks about Drupal 8, mongodb and of course, Dries' keynote.

Media library alternatives for Drupal 6

With Drupal 7 and the Media library module we will at last get a unified field which allows you to use any files (media) avaiable in your local Drupal site or provided by remote third party services like Youtube, Flickr, etc. But what about Drupal 6? As long as I remember we we're looking for a good solution to this issue, and are often stuck using tools like IMCE. But there are good alternatives depending on your project needs.

Taking control of your Sitemap

Drupal sitemap

There are many ways to build functionality into a Drupal site. Take a sitemap for example. A typical 'page' which is often one of the standard elements in a website design. You could say, we've got the sitemap module for that, and in most cases it does the job. But wait a second, do we really need another module for this ? Here is an alternative method.

10 Small but Useful Drupal Modules (part 2)


Here we are with part 2 of some interesting small Drupal modules. Here we take a look at a JQuery views tablesorter, reverse node reference, content cisplay order, database tuner and term case.

10 Small but Interesting Drupal Modules (part 1)


Usually I don't like blog-posts titled like this one. However, recently I came across some small but potentially very useful new modules which you probably don't know about yetbit. In part 1 we look at filtercheck, node level blocks, google fonts, language negotiation and views 404.

Scratching Your Own Itch

So, it appeared I had some unscheduled spare time the last few weeks, and in order to survive the misery, I decided to choose #3 and work on my pet-project.

Social war on the web

The heat is on! Last week, Facebook launched some code which is literally changing the web while I'm writing this post. More and more sites are implementing a 'like button' or any of the other social plugins.

Drupalcon San Francisco

[caption id="attachment_1217" align="alignright" width="240" caption="San Francisco, by Boltron , Flickr"][/caption]

Update 18/04: because of the #ashcloud which disrupted all air traffic in and out of Europe, my flight was


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