Migrating a Wordpress site including Users to Drupal 6

Migrate Wordpress to DrupalThis post is not a tutorial howto migrate your Wordpress site to Drupal 6 using the wordpress_import module. While that module is a great 'fire and forget' approach, it does have its limitations.

Augmented Reality Event

What is augmented reality? How does it affect me? How will this technology change our world? Check out the event at Blushuis on the 23rd of March if you want to know more about this exciting technology.

DrupalJam Amsterdam

The next (sixth) Dutch Drupaljam was already announced on Drupal.nl a couple of weeks ago, but now it's official on the redesigned Drupaljam website. Don't forget to signup!

Location: Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg
Date: Friday March 19th 2010
Singup: online

Module review: tablefield

I thought it might be nice to do a series of module reviews, handpicking some of the more interesting modules which have been released in the last couple of months. As you might know, new Drupal modules are released daily, and while they're often beta's or alpha's many of them have great potential to become very useful, and maybe you didn't even know they exist.

Dutch Drupal meetup in Utrecht

It's been a while since the last Dutch Drupal meetup. The last being the Drupaljam which was in Utrecht. I guess everybody is busy with clients, projects and of course, Drupal 7, which has been released as an alpha 1 release last week.

Google Goggles for Android

Google released a lot of goodies the last few weeks. There is the birth of Chrome OS, then we saw the launch of real-time results, and now there is Google Goggles which will probably work great on the Google Phone, to be released next year.

Internal Drupal Statistics

There are various analytic tools available to gain insight in your sites' statistics. These are mostly tools like Clicky, Google Analytics or Crazy Egg and only give you information about your visitors.

There are often times when you need to know what is happening within your content management system itself. Especially if you are running a dynamic community website with lots of user activity. How is my content devided and which content-types are popular? How many users do I have which never log in? And a lot of other questions.

Drupal Breadcrumbs got a lot more useful

Last week, Google introduced a new feature: site hierarchy - or site navigation "breadcrumbs" - with selected search results. You may have noticed this yourself. The green line marked in the picture beneath is now being used to show you where the specific result is located on the site related to its structure.

Drupal love/hate

There is a fine line between Drupal love and hate...


Speeding up Drupal

Nobody likes to wait. Especially people surfing the web. They want to see what they are looking for fast and will judge your website within a fraction of a second. Based on their first impression and user experience they make choices. A slow loading website is bad experience and will have a negative impact on conversion.


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