What's new in Drupal 7

With the code freeze underway for some time, Dries has posted an update about the upcoming Drupal 7 release. I thought this might be a nice time to overview some of the most exciting new stuff in Drupal 7 and see where all the action is happening right now.

Some overall highlights:

Monster Media Sprint New York

The new media library for Drupal won't make it into Drupal 7 core, but there will be a big code sprint this weekend in New York to get this project on the road! Thanks to an amazing sponsorship chip-in organized by the community, the plane ticket was raised within days and our team member @mverbaar will be flying to the Monster Media Sprint in NY tomorrow to contribute in this great development!

New office!

Merge has moved to a new office! Starting this October, we traded our old unit for a new one in the Blushuis. Our new office is now almost 50m² which is more than twice as big as our old one. The extra space is very welcome since our team is growing and now we've got the office space to create additional workspaces. In addition, we've got a great view on the terrace and new custom made furniture created by Londen Steigerhout.

Previous and Next navigation in Drupal

An obvious feature you often need on a website are previous and next navigation links, especially when building something like a picture gallery. Preferably with image thumbnails as in Flickr galleries. Out of the box, this basic functionality can be a challenge to realize in Drupal but it's perfectly possible with a bit of understanding how the next previous API module works and some code.

Building features on Open Atrium

I mentioned features a couple of times before on this blog, but didn't have a good opportunity to take them out for a spin. But then Open Atrium was launched this summmer, and this Drupal intranet package makes extensive use of features, context and spaces.

BeautyTips: using the html 5 canvas element

While full HTML 5 support still is years away, it is coming. And with it, some very nice improvements. One of my favourites new elements in HTML 5 is the canvas element. And the nice part about this one is you can actually already use it with todays browsers. Yes. Even with IE6.

What we need next

This week we’ll be posting from DrupalCon Paris, where this year’s European Drupal conference is being held from 1 – 5 September.

Drupalcon Paris

This week we'll be posting from DrupalCon Paris, where this year's European Drupal conference is being held from 1 - 5 September.

[caption id="attachment_999" align="alignright" width="574" caption="Inside the DrupalCon venue"]Inside the DrupalCon venue[/caption]

Drush, features, patterns and installation profiles

The last few months I've been diving into different ways to quickly build, setup and manage drupal sites or create distributions (or packages if you will). Mainly:

Aegir - a Drupal hosting system

Aegir - a Drupal Hosting SystemIt's been on my to-do list for quite a while now, especially after a very nice presentation by Roel de Meester at the last DrupalJam. Aegir seems like a very sustainable solution if you need to manage many Drupal sites on your own servers, which is exactly what we do for our clients.


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