Getting Drupal ready for mobile

Mobile internet use is growing rapidly and the question 'howto create a mobile version of my (Drupal) website?' is heard more and more often. Drupal offers different ways to provide mobile content for your users.


Drupal UX is hot!

hot-drupal-uxThere is a lot going on to improve the UX for the next Drupal version. I didn't get a chance to play around with Drupal 7 until yesterday. We had to enable PDO support (the new database object layer) but now it works like charm.

Mailing solutions for Drupal

If you are using your website as a marketing tool, chances are high you will also want to send newsletters to your users as part of an e-mail marketing campaign. There are a lot of ways to do this. You will find companies who are specialized in e-mail marketing or others who offer on-line services.

Building a community site with Drupal 6

drupal-ultimate-community-guideDrupal is an excellent framework to build a community member site, but it isn't that easy. It involves a lot of steps, knowledge, theming, tweaks and configurating to make things work well and look good. Which modules should I use to achieve certain functionality? How do I put it all together?

Wanted: Drupal webmaster for


We are looking for people - Drupal enthusiasts - who want to learn and experiment with Drupal and develop, build and maintain  community website using Drupal.

We started in late 2007 together with copywriter Blok Oh.

Adding semantics to your website

A while ago, I wrote a post about the semantic web and microformats (Dutch). Now, I jus finished reading a very interesting post about RDFa and Drupal. While it may sound very technical, RDFa is another way to do semantic markup. It requires special namespaces which are put inline the XHTML. Machines (search engines) are able will be able to read this structured data and this is where the magic happens.'s redesigned dashboard

One of the things Dries talked about in his opening keynote at Drupalcon DC, was the great and much needed redesign of You can check out a live demonstration site at, login with demo/demo.

The redesign (envisioned by Mark Boulton) not only looks good, but also embodies some nifty features like your own personalized dashboard. Complete with customizable (iGoogly-like) tabs and drag-and-drop gadgets.

Follow DrupalCon DC on Twitter

follow-drupalcon-dc-twitterIn case you didn't know, DrupalCon DC starts this Wednesday! The biggest Drupal conference yet will be held 4 - 7 March in snowy Washington DC. You can read more about the event in Dries' post.

Setting a dynamic path for imagefield uploads

Just a quick post to share this great little gem of a module: filefield paths.

This module allows you to set a custom dynamic path using tokens for your files or images uploaded through CCK's filefield or imagefield. Why is this great? Because it allows you to structure files on your server and avoid having thousands of files in the same folder. Without this module, you are limited to (useless) user tokens or one static upload path.

Tips for better Drupal usability


update july 2009: be sure to look at the addendum in the comments for some updates in this list!

Usability is a hot issue in the Drupal community.


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