Next generation websites will be conversations

What will the future of web look like from a designer/developer's point of view? Currently, more and more corporate websites are converting to 'web 2.0'. The changes don't come as fast here the Netherlands as in the states, and many smaller firms still lack behind with an outdated, non-semantic site from the 90's which often isn't anything more than a digital business card, but nevertheless many firms begin to see the benefits of web 2.0 and the need to keep up if you want to be taken seriously.

T-shirts for webgeeks

If you're into webdesign, coding or enjoy tv-series like The IT-crowd you might already own a t-shirt to express your geeky lifestyle.

My First Website

Inspired by recent posts by Jason Santa Maria and Veerle Pieters I decided to take a deep dive in my archives and look for My First Website.

Looking for an appartment?

This week we proudly launched the new site of StadHuis - a housing agency which operates in Breda and Tilburg. The site had a complete redesign while sticking to their corporate identity.

The goal was to greatly extend the usability of the website for both visitors and maintainers but also automate lots of tedious tasks (like emailing). So now you can filter your search, register on-line, pay through iDeal (creditcard coming soon) and signup to visit the studio or appartment of choice. Many, many options are only visible to paying members.

Usability lessons from the iPhone

I stumbled on a very interesting study about the iPhone on Veerle's blog linkdump: Analysis of the iPhone user experience, based on observing novice iPhone users.

Spotted by Locals

Recently, we did some work for Spotted by Locals. This site contains a series of cityblogs - 17 cities in Europe in total (and more to come). Each blog is maintained by a select number of hand-picked (face-to-face) locals who really know the hotspots in their town and love to write passionately about them. This way, a high quality level is guaranteed.

So, how was DrupalJam?

Last friday we went to our first DrupalJam right here in our hometown Breda. It was a bit like a mini-mini-drupalcon. A lot of familiar faces and a lots of Drupal-talk. We could only attend the afternoon program, where we took part in:

Finding the right Drupal module

A while ago, I wrote about how hard it is to find the right module for your Drupal distributions. It's still a big problem that grows larger each day with dozens of Drupal modules coming out each week.

Meet Fruity: our attempt to prettify Drupal

As announced earlier, we finally published the first version of our theme (or “template”) named Fruity.

[caption id="attachment_512" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Download Fruity - a Drupal admin theme"]Download Fruity - a Drupal admin theme[/caption]

Business meetings at Ulvenhart estate

Recently, we launched Ulvenhart estate's new website. Check it out!


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