Clicky web analytics keeps on rockin'

For over a year now, we use Clicky web analytics for most of our clients so they can track the visitors on their sites. For us, the two big advantages of Clicky in comparison to many other web stats services have always been:

  • clean, intuitive interface
  • real-time

For most clients, Google Analytics is too overwhelming, and we always get very positive feedback on Clicky.

DrupalJam Breda

DrupalJam ;)

A DrupalJam is an event where you can meet Drupal enthusiasts or other people who are interested in Drupal and there will be a Dutch DrupalJam just around the corner for us on friday the 31st of october!

Location: Breda, Avans Hogeschool (

Panels for Drupal

I finally got around using panels (5.x version) extensively and experimenting with it. The module already exists quite some time, but it's only recently that the 5.x version got to the release client status.

Working on a free admin Drupal template

We are using Drupal now for about a year now. During that year we learned a lot, build some great websites with Drupal and try to share some things on this blog to help other web developers. And although we use Drupal - among other open-source software - to pay our bills, we also want to support Drupal and give back to the community.

Commercial support for Drupal

[caption id="attachment_459" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Screenshot of the Acuia Marina theme included in Drupal Acquia."][/caption]

So here it is: today Acquia officially launched their network - codenamed 'Spokes' untill now - and their distribution of 'Acquia Drupal' which was codenamed 'Carbon' until n

Everybody scrolls... sometimes...

It's an old but still frequent discussion I often have with - especially - graphic designers. The scrollbar: use it or avoid it? In my experience, many graphic designers don't really like the scrollbar and try to avoid it whenever possible.

Smashing Drupal

Today, Smashing Magazine posted quite a lengthy post about Drupal titled 'Drupal Developer Toolbox'. A long list of popular Drupal websites, modules, themes and tutorials. A nice guide for beginners and quite a boost for Drupal (Smashing Magazine has got over 94.000 RSS readers...).

Identity in a web 2.0 world

[caption id="attachment_438" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Dutch cartoon summarizing virtual identity symposium"]Dutch cartoon summarizing virtual identity symposium[/caption]

Last week, we attended the symposium about 'Identities in Virtual Worlds

A simple workflow

One of the great things in Drupal is the ability to set-up and manage workflows. You can even achieve a simple level of workflow without the special workflow module but only using views and cck. Without coding a single line.

Screen resolution statistics

Webdevelopers know there are (at least) two major things which can have a great impact on the way your site is experienced:

  1. The webbrowser/operating system
  2. The screen

Now, if you're a decent webbuilder, you will know how to make sure your website displays correctly in different browsers/different operating systems, but screen resolutions are just as important.



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