Meet Stanley, an admin theme inspired by rubik

A screenshot

I like Rubik as an admin theme (for clients) for Drupal projects. But now there is a new admin theme available called Stanley which is inspired by Rubik but uses bootstrap (by Twitter) for its UX toolkit. I took it out for a spin and I kinda like it! It's clean, clear and fast. Also, the theme is optimized to work well with popular modules. For example, context doesn't give you double scrollbars anymore!

Custom libraries using Media 2.x

Custom media libraries using branch 2.x

After the code sprint in september, Media module development is now focussing on a second version with some big architectural changes. For one, a lot of code is now moved into the file_entity and there is views integration. This one is actually pretty great because you can now leverage views in the media browser and thus have custom libraries for your users for each field/content-type. Great stuff!

A cool ipad version of your website in 5 minutes

Cool ipad

I stumbled upon this blog (cool blog bytheway) on my ipad and noticed it had a pretty slick version of the website specially for the ipad. How did they do that? Turns out you can easily create it for any site with You can add different feeds from RSS, twitter or Flickr among others. I created an ipad version of this site in about 5 minutes, just visit this blog on an ipad. Not sure which library they use, maybe zepto.js?

Improve SEO by optimizing social widgets performance

Your page speed is a factor for Google to rank your site. It might be a small factor but still: performance matters. The speed for your site can be seen in Google webmasters, but the important thing to know is that the speed is measured by full page loads, including all resources from third-party resources like widgets. So, since everybody is using widgets from Twitter and Facebook nowadays, it's a good idea to optimize those. In fact, facebook blogged about howto do that themselves on their developers blog.

Drupal 8: no more blog in core. Who's next?

Cutting dead wood

A while ago, the blog module was removed from core in Drupal 8 and now lives as a seperate module in contrib. Others candidates are currently being discussed in a thread to make core more maintainable. That thread, in turn, was a result of the smallcore movement. But not every module is going to be demoted to contrib. While modules like poll and dashboard might get demoted to contrib, other like tracker and book have found enough support to stay in core.

Drupal Tech Talk 3 recap

Drupal Tech Talk 3 in Amersfoort

Last thursday, I went to the third Drupal Tech Talk. A recurring (about every two months) Dutch gathering where Drupal developers meetup and speak. This time, Bèr Kessel showed how a Drupal 7 site can be hackes using an XSS exploit and Bas van Meurs talked about Drupix, a drush extension to manage sites on your server, specifically in a multisite setup, which looked a lot like a command line version of Aegir and also seems to have some similarities with drush deploy.

Googling an issue

XKCD: Wisdom of the Ancients

I love xkcd, but this week's episode was particularly fun as it reminds me of numerous times when you are googling for a specific (Drupal) issue, and after refining your search numerous times, at last find that perfect topic in a forum somewhere, only to find out it has 0 replies.

Format date

Let's look at the functions for formatting dates programmatically in Drupal 6 and 7. Basically, you can use the core format_date function or you can leverage the date module and use date_format_date. In theory, the latter is better because it uses a date object instead of a unix timestamp (and you don't have to worry about 2038 ;).  Here's a snippet using both functions in D 6/7.

Writing queries in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 provides a way to simplify your database queries by using the DB:TNG API. But you can also use db_query to write a query. For example, here are two queries which do exactly the same thing.

But which one is better? As always, the answer is: it depends. Read a more satisfying answer at stackexchange. There is also an issue at to compare the performance of the two functions.

Notepad++ plus Drupal

In case you are using Notepad++ as an editor (pretty common for themers/developers on Windows) you might be interested in this Drupal code-assist/autocomplete. The readme with instructions is included, but you might want to check this and this thread for additional help. It worked for me, but there are limitations. Still it might be worthwile to check out if you don't want to use a real IDE like Eclipse, which has far better integration with Drupal.




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