A Mobile Drupal website with JQuery Mobile

BredaVandaag is mobile ready

There is a lot of talk about reponsive webdesign these days, and while we think this is definitely a step in the right directions, it also has its drawbacks. For example it doesn't give you that 'app-like' feeling. We recently launched the mobile site of BredaVandaag.nl, (a local newssite) which uses JQuery Mobile for the mobile version. We used a combination of mobile tools, mobile_jquery theme, jquerymobile_ui and some custom code to make detection work in Varnish. Check it out with your mobile and let us know what you think!

OpenData in Europe

The Open Data movement has made incredible progress in the last year, but challenges remain ahead. The biggest ever European open data event was held just now in Warsaw: ogdcamp.org. Neelie kroes is advocating the use of public, open-data on her personal blog. Other videos from the event are available on vimeo. This is good news for Drupal, which is an excellent tool to leverage the power of this data.

DrupalCon Denver Session Proposals

Drupalcon Denver session proposals close November 14th! There are a wopping 565 (!) proposals which you can check out here. You can rate sessions (which is a real pain by the way without a decent next/previous button) but selection is mainly done by the track chair comittee. According to some, the whole voting process is just a waste of time. In any case, I see *a lot* of interesting sessions and can't wait until March!

Meanwhile at Typo3

Today, a Typo3 event is being held in Almere (The Netherlands) which looks comparible with the Dutch Drupaljams. I was curious to find out in what direction other open-source CMS/F are going these days and noticed a session about the new version of Typo3 ("Phoenix") which is based on the brand new Flow3 framework. Apparantly, Typo3 has split up in a framework and a CMS built on top? That sounds a lot like recent discussions in the Drupal community.

Change view mode programmatically in Drupal 7

Discovered this today, when we wanted to change a custom Drupal 7 view mode programatically for a specific situation. It turned out this isn't that obvious. It actually was easy to do this in Drupal 6, and there is an issue with patch which hopefully will be back-ported and commited to D7.

Using LESS CSS in Drupal

Are you a drupal frontend developer? Are you familiar with LESS? If not, you can easily check it out by installing the Drupal LESS module. LESS allows you to use variables on your css, nested objects and basically will keep your stylesheets more tidy. There will also be a session about Drupal and LESS in Denver.

iDeal on Drupal 7 with commerce integration

iDeal logo

In Drupal 6 we had übercart. Now we have commerce for Drupal 7 (well actually we have übercart for D7 too but that's a different story). In any case, commerce is the way to go. And for us in the Netherlands, iDeal is the way to pay online. Thanks to Bart Feenstra we already had an iDeal API module for 7 and now we have commerce integration! Hooray! 

Tools for building installation profiles

Did you know there are 2 helpful modules available (for Drupal 7) when building Installation profiles? They are called profiler and profiler_builder and give you a quick overview (screenshot) of the current Drupal installation to create a drush make file and installation .info file.

Visualize your Drupal site in 3D

Saw this on twitter, not sure how useful this is, but it looks pretty cool. A hacked version of the tilt extension for Firefox enables visualisation of your Drupal site inWebGL. Interesting? See a video here.

Don't disable the comment module in your installation profile

Building a custom installation profile, I was suddenly getting a certain AJAX error during installation. After googling a bit, I came across this issue on drupal.org and it reminded me I did disable the core comment module. And altough there is no dependency in any of the other modules, there might be some kind of dependency in CTools? (installing ctools triggers some registry rebuilds, see this comment). In any case, the error dissapears when you include the comment module in your installation profile .info file.


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