Drupal annoyances

Drupal is a great framework - no doubt about it. But there are some things which keep annoying me and where I can't seem to find good solutions for. I decided to share a couple of them:

No content sorting options
The default content management screen (at admin/content/node) is very limited. Yes there are filters but no sorting. You simply can't sort the columns or do much else with the list really. There are no timestamps, only vague indicators like 'new' or 'updated'.
There is a patch in this discussion for Drupal 6 which does address this issue, but most of us probably will have to wait until Drupal 7. Strange since it seems very basic functionality which would greatly improve usability.

Granular menu access control
If you have access permission to administer the menu system - you can administer all menu items. Which means you can also administer the admin-menu (default called navigation). Most of the time, you don't want your clients to have access to this menu. There is a module which tries to do something about this - but it's not production proof and there is no developer activity.

Templates switches from frontend to admin-theme
One some pages or after some actions, the theme on a site will switch back to the front-end theme (if you have a seperate admin theme) while there really is no apparant reason it should do so. I know it's supposed to do this in the blocks menu, but why does it happen when I submit/save a View in 5.x? You can write a simple module which takes care of some of these switches for Drupal 5, and in Drupal 6 there is an extra checkbox for this issue.

Of course - I am free to try to write a module or patch for these issues myself, and as soon I get some spare time (which is hard if you're running a firm) I'm planning to contribute more to the community.

But I'm also interested what other annoyances Drupal developers/users have and what solutions they found (or haven't)?

update: Very relevant to this article: The University of Baltimore just realeased a great report (PDF) and video on usability in Drupal. See also:

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