New weblog: Wonen in Breda

Besides our work for clients, we like to use our webdesign skills to contribute in other projects. For example sponsoring events like the Delft Challenge, helping out the Diving community and now: setting up a publishing platform titled 'Wonen in Breda'.

It's a new Dutch blog and for all the English readers: it's about living and being a resident in Breda (a town in the south of the Netherlands). It will have cool articles useful for anybody trying to find those special places to decorate your house or find out about new architectural projects and housing.

The site is setup using Wordpress with a nice (free) template provided by Design Disease and it's totally Search Engine Optimized according to the latest wordpress seo guide from Joost de Valk. The content is powered by our partner in copywriting Blok Oh.

Two weeks until Drupalcon

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