Uploading multiple images in Drupal 6

As I wrote earlier (in Dutch), there are many ways to use image galleries in Drupal. Thanks to one of our readers we became aware of a new Drupal module called fupload made by Stefan from Germany.

This module addressed the usability problem of uploading multiple images as I mentioned here. Don't you just love open-source? It uses the popular swfupload so you can select and upload multiple images. Flash 9 plugin is required but that should not be any problem nowadays.

I tested the module and it works great, no problems even on a PHP 4 setup. Too bad it's only available for Drupal 6.

However, I discovered a great tip on the fupload project page to improve the way image gallery import works in Drupal 5. It's called image import zip and allow users to upload a single zip with pictures instead of uploading them with FTP. Great!

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