Szeged first impressions

[caption id="attachment_317" align="alignright" width="200" caption="View from our hotel room"]View from our hotel room[/caption]

We just had breakfast in our hotel Tisza (also the name of the river that runs through Szeged) and are now catching up on some email in the hotel Lobby. The hotel looks great, barok-styled with big gigantic mirrors everywhere and - most importantly - excellent wireless coverage ;)

Szeged is truly a beatiful town with great green avenues, old buildings and a very mellow relaxed atmosphere. When we sat on the terrace on one of the squares decorated with palm trees, it wouldn't be so hard to imagine yourself on one of the Italian plaza's in Rome.

We've put up some pictures on Flickr. Today we'll explore Szeged some more, and starting from tomorrow you can expect more Drupal related news. Tomorrow at 9:00 am is Dries' keynote 'State of Drupal'.

But so far two big thumbs up for choosing Szeged as the place for Drupalcon 2008!

Leaving for Szeged

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