Drupal cares about kittens

Drupalcon day 1 is over at the venue, but will continue at Port Royal in the heart of Szeged were the welcome drink will be held. In the meantime there is just enough time at our hotel for a short impression of Drupalcon day 1 - our first Drupalcon ever and first introduction to the Drupal community.

[caption id="attachment_324" align="aligncenter" width="574" caption="Drupalcon saves kitties"]Drupalcon saves kitties[/caption]

Keynote speakers of the day were Dries Buytaert - creator of Drupal - and Rasmus Lerdorf - creator of PHP. And according to both everytime someone hacks the core of Drupal or writes crappy PHP, God kills a kitten.

State of Drupal
But seriously, they both had nice presentations. I especially liked how Dries focused on improving the usability of Drupal as the #1 goal for Drupal 7 - and showed some tips how we can achieve this. The overall message was: we're doing OK but we should move faster. Watch the video from this presentation 'State of Drupal' or view the slides.

Simple is hard
Rasmus Lerdorf's keynote "Simple is hard" showed us a short history of PHP and a great performance comparison between different PHP frameworks including Drupal 6.4. His brief analysis showed us Drupal is pretty well structured from a PHP point of view but he also had some ideas for further optimization in future versions of Drupal. He also had some interesting tips on optimizing a PHP environment for better performance.

Drupalcon is really well organized, we already met some interesting people from all over the globe at the precon-meetup yesterday. Szeged is a great place and it's clear that Drupal is powered by passionate people (who really care about kittens)!

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