The Drupalcon experience

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Drupalcon Szeged 2008 is almost over, and I was wondering how to describe such an event for anybody who has no clue what to expect - as did we four days ago.

So what's it like? For me this drupalcon was like getting to know Drupal on a whole other level. You get to see, meet and - if you like - work with amazing people from different parts of the world who work together to create something bigger and better than the sum of all parts. Very, very inspiring and educative. When you head home after four days of drupalcon, you're head will be full with new ideas and plans.

There is a very positive vibe going on with people relaxing on couch bags, plugged into the nearest power outlet with their laptop, or groups doing some spontaneous BoF-session. If you don't know what a 'BoF' (Birds of a Feather) is, well, so didn't we. Actually it's a type of spontaneous session were a group of people with a shared interest gather and chat and/or workshop through some topic.

Developers and end-users
As Dries' opening keynote showed, most people (79%) at Drupalcon consider themselves developers. These developers are the beating heart of Drupal, and many people at Drupalcon are contributing code in one way or the other. A much smaller group of people are the end-users. People like us essentially - who use Drupal as a solution for our clients.

But this does not mean drupalcon isn't interesting for end-users. Thanks to this drupalcon we really got a good feeling for the community and in which direction Drupal is heading. It's clear that with commercial support by Acquia and the redesign of, Drupal will be lifted to the next level.

Two thumbs up
As for us, this drupalcon really convinced us that Drupal is going to be *the* professional open-source content management system to use. Also we met some interesting people which made the warm evenings in the beautiful town of Szeged even more pleasant!

So for anyone who is somehow involved in Drupal I can really recommend the drupalcon experience, even if you are not a hard-core programmer or developer. Two thumbs up for the excellent organization and see ya at the next (probably European) DrupalCon!

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