A new era in web browsing

Yes I know there already had been blogged *a lot* about Chrome, the new browser from Google. But hey, it's not every day a new browser hits the streets and when Google launches something big, they usually know what they are doing.

The guys at Google worked 2 years on this baby, and it looks like it's going to stir the place up real good. Why? For the same reason Google succeeded with their search engine when it came out ten years ago: they made something that simply works better and is prepared for a future web full of web applications - not just pages. And they have a brilliant way to tell about the technology behind it too by the way.

Thanks to the V8 javascript engine, Chrome is fast, very fast. Quoting the development team from this interesting behind-the-scene article on wired:

They were also pretty good at writing a JavaScript engine. "We just did some benchmark runs today," Bak says a couple of weeks before the launch. Indeed, V8 processes JavaScript 10 times faster than Firefox or Safari. And how does it compare in those same benchmarks to the market-share leader, Microsoft's IE 7? Fifty-six times faster. "We sort of underestimated what we could do," Bak says.

So it's very fast, looks clean (it almost isn't there at all) and renders everything just the way you expect. And it has these great improvements they borrowed from other browsers. Check out an excellent overview on googlesystem.blogspot.com.

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