Flexchair Movement

Last week, one of our new projects went live: flexchairmovement.nl. The Flexchair takes a unique approach to the concept of ergonomic sitting. It is a dutch design to get your back (spine) healthy and to keep it in good condition. This is accomplished by two flexible joints which dynamically adjust to your sitting posture.

Improve your sitting posture
We used the chairs a couple of time ourselves and It's really quite impressive - you just can't 'slouch' on the Flexchair - you have to sit up straight. Because of this it's very useful for people who perform different activities while sitting. For example hair dressers, surgeons or people who work behind the counter. But it also would be great for people who tend to slouch behind their computer.

The website was made using Drupal. The choice for Drupal was clear because we needed a system were we could easily add functionality in the future like additional languages and a login area for users with specific content. The site also includes a google map overview of the Flexchair movement network which provide support, training or sell the Flexchair.

A new era in web browsing

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