Identity in a web 2.0 world

[caption id="attachment_438" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Dutch cartoon summarizing virtual identity symposium"]Dutch cartoon summarizing virtual identity symposium[/caption]

Last week, we attended the symposium about 'Identities in Virtual Worlds' in Amsterdam. Very interesting stuff with a philosophical touch. One of the speakers was Jos de Mul and on his homepage I stumbled upon this summary of the event in cartoon-style. It's in Dutch but gives a nice impression.

Identity 2.0
From our perspective, the most interesting presentation was from Ronald Leenes who talked about privacy issues in a web 2.0 world were many people expose their personal lives on sites like hyves or facebook. His presentation was clear, fast-paced en funny - It reminded me the famous 'Identity 2.0' presentation from Dick Hardt from some years ago. (Still good though!)

Second Life
But the symposium emphasized on virtual worlds - especially Second Life. One of the speakers - Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer - is a poet who explored Second Life with a female avatar and wrote about his/her(?) experiences in the NRC paper a while ago. He also published a book about it and made this great video taken in-world where he talks with his alter ego Lilith (Dutch).

Oh, and for everybody who wants to know how you can tell someone is pretending to be a woman online - apparantly there is a way to determine this.

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