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We are using Drupal now for about a year now. During that year we learned a lot, build some great websites with Drupal and try to share some things on this blog to help other web developers. And although we use Drupal - among other open-source software - to pay our bills, we also want to support Drupal and give back to the community.

So in our spare time at our studio, we are working on a Drupal theme specifically designed to be used as an admin theme. There are already some other administration themes available like rootcandy which we also saw at Drupalcon Szeged. Our theme is called 'Fruity' and our goal is to have an alternative for Garland which we now often use as admin theme. Garland is a nice all-round theme, but for administration tasks you really want to focus on usability.

[caption id="attachment_470" align="alignnone" width="574" caption="Preview screenshots of Fruity theme currently in development"]Preview screenshot of Fruity theme currently in development[/caption]

Fruity will be a bright theme, w3c compliant, with clean html, css and some javascript tricks to improve usability. We got our inspiration from user-interfaces we like - for example those used in basecamp, the WordPress admin-interface - and from our own experience and knowledge.

However, you can't fix all the usability issues with a theme alone. But with some work, tips and tricks, you can create a very friendly admin environment for your clients. More on that when we release the first version of Fruity later this month!

By the way, we also have some rough plans for a Drupal module, but that's probably something for later this winter ;).

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