Clicky web analytics keeps on rockin'

For over a year now, we use Clicky web analytics for most of our clients so they can track the visitors on their sites. For us, the two big advantages of Clicky in comparison to many other web stats services have always been:

  • clean, intuitive interface
  • real-time

For most clients, Google Analytics is too overwhelming, and we always get very positive feedback on Clicky.

[caption id="attachment_498" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Clicky also offers iphone support"]Clicky also offers iphone support[/caption]

Keeping your audience involved
But probably the best thing about Clicky, is the passionate team behind it - and in particular one hardcore programmer (Sean) who does most of the fantastic improvements. Regularely, you will see a red link in the upper right corner with a new feature announcement or other improvement. The link points back to the blog where the new features are extensively explained (and users react). Great way to involve your customers in your product!

For example in the last few months support for iphone was added or just last week real time campaign and goals tracking. Nice, very nice.

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