Usability lessons from the iPhone

I stumbled on a very interesting study about the iPhone on Veerle's blog linkdump: Analysis of the iPhone user experience, based on observing novice iPhone users.

The analysis (PDF) shows the lessons to be learned about the user interaction design on the iPhone. Very interesting for anybody who is involved with design for interaction. There are more usability experts who analysed the iPhone. Even my former faculty at the TUDelft now uses the iPhone as a case for usability lessons according to these sheets. I wonder what their results are...

By the way, my own current smartphone is the HTC touch diamond. And although it works a lot faster since I upgraded the firmware, I still think it's a piece of crap - speaking in terms of usability. Especially when you go past the HTC 'touchflo' interface and become surrounded by the usability-inferno called windows mobile.

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