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Inspired by recent posts by Jason Santa Maria and Veerle Pieters I decided to take a deep dive in my archives and look for My First Website. Well, I found it - my first personal homepage - and have put it back on-line just the way it was. For the best experience, adjust your browser window to about 800 pixels wide! (which was the maximum anyone had)

The site was made in 1996 and It's great to look back at it now... Static html...The 'hi-color warning' on top of the page, table-layout, self-made animated GIF's all over the place, font-tags... Or just take a look at the links section under category 'Search Engines': Google isn't even mentioned!! Nobody knew about Google in those days. And who still uses ICQ?

I believe I used a editor called 'HotDog' which was pretty popular at the time... CSS wasn't used yet, and I remember I did a lot of testing on Netscape 3. All the images on the site were made with PovRay -  free 3D ray-tracing software which allowed to create astonishing images (especially with light tricks), but the whole interface was command line at the time and very hard to manage.

The site even has some javascript and a real working form which uses a CGI-BIN on another server to send the results in an email. The script still works! Amazing...

But the thing that really brought back those feelings of the nineties was when I saw a sub-dir called 'sound'. In it were a dozen MIDI files (*.mid) which I sometimes used as a background sound.

Do you remember MIDI files? Does anyone even know they could be embedded? The embed code doesn't work in Firefox anymore though, and Internet Explorer ask for Activex permission now. But they were pretty popular when mp3's didn't exist yet.  If you had a good soundcard, these small files (around 100Kb) could produce decent instrumental music. Sure, it may sound like crap now, but believe me- we were blown away behind our speakers 12 years ago!

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