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A week ago, we attended a Fronteers meeting here at the Blushuis. Fronteers is the Dutch association of professional front-end web developers. One of the speakers was Dutch SEO-guru Andre Scholten who covered the basics of SEO but also told about some cool tricks and conversion tips. Here is one particular helpful with keyword research.

Tilde: Google's synonym operator
This one can be very handy with keyword research. If you enter tilde (~) in front of any keyword in Google's search field, the result page will show you results for that keyword and synonyms (look for the keywords in bold).

It is important to know what synonyms exist for specific keywords according to Google. These might not always be the words you expect. But if you know about them, you can use them and thus rank higher.

For more information on keyword research - especially for bloggers - take a look at this article on copyblogger.

Videos of the meeting are expected to be published in the near future on

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