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One of the things Dries talked about in his opening keynote at Drupalcon DC, was the great and much needed redesign of Drupal.org. You can check out a live demonstration site at staging.dosprint.org, login with demo/demo.

The redesign (envisioned by Mark Boulton) not only looks good, but also embodies some nifty features like your own personalized dashboard. Complete with customizable (iGoogly-like) tabs and drag-and-drop gadgets.


Now I got curious how this functionality was implemented in Drupal 6. What modules were used? Or did they create their own custom one?

After some searching, it appeared this is done with a custom drupal.org specific module in combination with the new theme codenamed 'bluecheese'. However, these 'modules' are also available as projects on Drupal.org. Don't expect any releases yet, but in the issue queue you'll find an announcement for plans to release the dashboard module as a generic module once the redesign is finished. Great! I think there will be quite some demand for such functionality. Especially in community based websites.

The new design will probably go live in the next couple of months (or when it's ready). If you - like us - use d.o on an almost daily basis and want to contribute to the redesign don't forget to ChipIn!

Update: As it seems, there is also another module called homebox which offers quite similar functionality with drag-n-drop. You can see it in action on the Drupalcon Paris (2009) website.

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