Adding semantics to your website

A while ago, I wrote a post about the semantic web and microformats (Dutch). Now, I jus finished reading a very interesting post about RDFa and Drupal. While it may sound very technical, RDFa is another way to do semantic markup. It requires special namespaces which are put inline the XHTML. Machines (search engines) are able will be able to read this structured data and this is where the magic happens.

Just watch this video and look how data - in this case from a Drupal CMS and database - can be read by other engines and displayed in various different formats.

I'm absolutely no expert on the subject, but I'd say RDFa is going to win in the long run (supported by the W3c) while Microformats are already used by some websites and use the internet vCard standard.

It will take some time before we'll see results with semantic markup in Google but it's great to see Drupal is already thinking ahead (CCK in core huray!).'s redesigned dashboard

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