Wanted: Drupal webmaster for Diveheads.com


We are looking for people - Drupal enthusiasts - who want to learn and experiment with Drupal and develop, build and maintain  community website using Drupal.

We started Diveheads.com in late 2007 together with copywriter Blok Oh. The goal is to provide a better diving community, experiment with Drupal communities and look into ways to monetize the site in the future. The site is built on Drupal 5, multilingual and supports features like geomapping with Google Maps.

Due to lack of time, we don't have the resources to give this project the attention it deserves and are looking for other people. In the open-source spirit, we want to 'open' up this project. We at Merge would still sponsor the project by providing free hosting (development site) and support (advice, tips, think along),  but have no further commercial interest.

We think the main task at hand would be to migrate the site from Drupal 5 to 6. In case you are interested, leave a comment or email us.

If you want to give us a better impression of your Drupal skills, mark yourself on the Drupal learning curve :).

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