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Drupalcon Paris' website got a redesign and registrations are now open. The earlier version raised a lot of interesting discussion. According to some people the design was sexist. Frankly I hadn't even noticed, but I think everybody will be happy with the new design.

Anyway, when I clicked around the site I noticed some great functionality on the 'News' section. A number of  boxes, populated with views or other content, which you can enable/disable and drag-n-drop around the page, using a three column layout in this case.

[caption id="attachment_870" align="alignnone" width="574" caption="draggable content blocks using homebox"]draggable content blocks using homebox[/caption]

It reminded me of the dashboard functionality which will be available on the new website. However this appeared to be a different module which is already available as an alpha release called homebox. Great stuff!

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