Email is dead, hello Wave!

I got home yesterday and noticed a lot of buzz going on about something called Google Wave. At first I thought it might be yet another Google service but 5 minutes into the video presentation I was hooked. This is  indeed how on-line communication was meant to be. But you really should watch the video yourself to get a good picture. Mashable also made a great guide.

This product/platform/protocol  has got the potential to grow huge for a number of reasons:

1. It's what people desperately need. Email is NOT the future.

2. It's open. Unlike some people think, this won't mean everything will be on Google's server. Google is making a protocol and open platform which you will be able to host on your own server.

3. It's extremely powerful through the use of an API. Google wisely chose to demo Wave at a room filled with 4000 developers which all got closed beta accounts in a sandbox environment. This way they want to make sure Wave will have plenty of cool extensions people can use, or integrate it with your Drupal website.

Some of the wave robots they built for the demo were already very impressive, and I for one can't wait to see this product enrich the way we communicate on-line.


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