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social=media-community-building-resourcesIn the last couple of years, I collected a considerable amount of resources (mostly links I keep on about Social Media, Community Building and On-line Marketing in general. I thought it might be nice to organize them and share them. There are some great must-reads in there for anyone who is involved with building sites which have social features.
The state of online communities 2008
Analysis and research done by Forum One Networks.

The Art of Creating a Community
Article from 2006 by Guy Kawasaki, but still very true.

Why Traffic, Your Subscriber Count and Money doesn't matter
Excellent article by which will make you see the truth about your visitors.

The future of social media
Research by Forrester in the world of social media.

Monetizing communities
This should not be your goal, but there are ways to make money with communities.

Tips from a master
Ben Ho from I Can Has Cheezburger has some simple tips.

Keep it Simple Stupid
Or, why an overload of functionality might clutter and kill your community.

12 Ways To Doom Your Community Before You Launch
There are probably many more, but here are some common pitfalls.

Social Media ROI - part 2 - part 3
Blog posts about the Return Of Investment on social media in three parts.
Howto make a social media succes story
General article with good advice and some essential ingredients for succes.

About designing social media
“Sociality, not functionality is key in designing social software.”

Christina Wodtke about community design
Another (bit older) look on web 2.0 and virtual communities.

Showcase -
Showing the importance of groups.

Getting people motivated
You've got a mission, but how to get others participating?

You won't get there without Passion
Something which is easely forgotten by marketeers.

The Business of User-Generated Content
UGC sounds great, but it's not that easy.
Drupal related:
Building advanced social networks with Drupal
Excellent slideshow/video taken from DrupalCon 2009 in Washington, highly recommended.

The Drupal community group
Discussion group on about community building.

Social networking modules
Some common modules used for community building with Drupal.

Showcase of a social media site built with Drupal
Showing an implementation with improved media handling.
Naked conversations
Great book by Robert Scoble about how the web is changing into conversations.

Another great book by Seth Godin about groups of people connected to each other.

20 free e-books about social media
Great resource with downloadable PDF' about social marketing.

Building a community site with Drupal
A tutorial e-book howto built a community site like with Drupal 6.

There are probably lots of other great articles on the web, feel free to add your favorite article!

Multiple fieldgroups with CCK

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