Drupalcon Paris

This week we'll be posting from DrupalCon Paris, where this year's European Drupal conference is being held from 1 - 5 September.

[caption id="attachment_999" align="alignright" width="574" caption="Inside the DrupalCon venue"]Inside the DrupalCon venue[/caption]

The second day of DrupalCon Paris was actually the first day with sessions and the traditional kick-off keynote 'State of Drupal' by Dries Buytaert. The question on everybody lips this year was "Will there be a code freeze for Drupal 7?"

Short answer: yes. but not entirely.

The freeze is extended one week so everybody at the DrupaCon can work on it during the conference and patches might still get in. Then there will be a 5 week period "code slush" where so-called specially selected projects still might get into core, but won't affect functionality if they are let out. These include:

  1. imagefield
  2. field translations
  3. convert profile module to field API
  4. convert taxonomy to field API
  5. Overlays
  6. Edit anywhere
  7. Shortcuts
  8. Dashboard
  9. Plug-in manager
  10. RDF/RDFa

The community is being asked to help out - and the following presentation by Drupal maintainer webchick explains how you can help:

[caption id="attachment_997" align="alignright" width="574" caption="Drupal 7 - How you can help"]Drupal 7 - How you can help[/caption]

Other sessions I attended were about a multisite showcase and Aegir, which I wrote an article about earlier. Last but not least was a session about workflow automation with the Rules module.

The Rules just got better
The two main developers behind this project, Klaus Purer and Wolfgang Ziegler from Germany, are the guys behind this brilliant project which can save you from writing a lot of custom code. I suspect there are a lot of developers and site-builders out there which still write their own code to perform tasks which can easily be done with this Swiss Drupal Army Knife. Page redirections, email sending (with tokens) based on conditions and many, many more events are possible. Take a look at this tutorials to get a quick impression.

This summer, the project got a lot better because it was a Google of Code project. For a complete list of improvements, take a look here. One of the highlights is the new forms support which allows you to alter forms depending on conditions. For example, you could hide, validate or change the order of certain fields depending on conditions!

Pretty cool stuff so far. And of course there are the evening activities which Paris has plenty to offer!

More pictures

And by the way, the location for the next DrupalCon is also announced: San Francisco in april 2010.

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