Drupal Breadcrumbs got a lot more useful

Last week, Google introduced a new feature: site hierarchy - or site navigation "breadcrumbs" - with selected search results. You may have noticed this yourself. The green line marked in the picture beneath is now being used to show you where the specific result is located on the site related to its structure.


I think this is pretty sweet behaviour which often gives a lot more useful information then the url path which was displayed before. Often, in many (drupal) site, the structure of the site and its url paths is something which is overlooked and is generated without any context information. For drupal this defaults to /node/##.  See also the example above.

Google loves Drupal breadcrumbs
And now for the great part: Drupal out of the box generates breadcrumbs and displays them in the default templates. Google recognizes this navigational links and uses them in their SERP as seen above. Great! You get some free SEO. That is, IF you use drupal breadcrumbs in your template. In my opinion, this functionality is often overlooked by designers, and is often missing in wireframes.

Granted, it's not necessary for every website , but I think this new feature might give the old breadcrumb a new boost in designs.

Related breadcrumb modules for Drupal
In case you were looking, here are some modules to further customize your breadcrumbs in Drupal.

Drupal love/hate

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