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Update 18/04: because of the #ashcloud which disrupted all air traffic in and out of Europe, my flight was cancelled and I'm stuck in Europe like many, many other Drupal people. That's means no Drupalcon SF for me :( ... So see you in Drupalcon Copenhagen (august 2010). If you can't wait that long  and are on of the people stuck you can check out some of the ad-hoc organized mini-cons like DrupalVolCon in Antwerp!

Drupalcon San Francisco is coming  in only 12 days! After visiting Drupalcon Szeged (Hungary) in 2008 and Drupalcon Paris in 2009, this will be my first Drupalcon in the United States and I'm really looking forward to it.

Drupalcon San Francisco will be big, very big. With over 2600 attendees so far and sponsors like Microsoft and Google, Drupal is really taking this to the next level. The location is impressive too: the three-day conference will be located at the famous Moscone center downtown SF (street view) which also hosts conferences like Mac World or JavaOne.

During the conference I will try to post some summaries of the sessions I follow on this blog. So check back later if you are into Drupal architectureperformance, and managing Drupal projects.  But choosing won't be easy with a very interesting and packed schedule with over 120 sessions. On top of that there will be very interesting keynotes. As usual, Dries Buytaert will be presenting his bi-annual "State of Drupal", Tim O'Reilly will be talking about "Open Source in the Cloud Era" and David H. Cole (Whitehouse new media team) will be discussing "Open Source in the government".

So if you're going to San Francisco...

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