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The heat is on! Last week, Facebook launched some code which is literally changing the web while I'm writing this post. More and more sites are implementing a 'like button' or any of the other social plugins. It's amazing how fast new developments like this take off and I'm curious what Google's response might be after this massive blow in the war between two giants taking over the web. Google launched buzz a while ago, which doesn't seems to be a success, and who still uses Google Wave? I'm a big fan of both Facebook and Google, but it looks to me like the social war is being won by Facebook.

There is a very good reason why Google is worried about this: advertising. Facebook says they won't be using this for target advertising. But if you're into on-line marketing, you should be following this very closely.

Anyway, implementing the like button to your site is damn easy. You can do it with an iframe or (better) through javascript which gives some extra options. Check it out below. (by the way: there already seems to be a module placeholder for the social facebook plugins for Drupal)

Drupalcon San Francisco

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