Dynamically / programatically create views filters

Taken largely from danpolant.com/dynamically-creating-views-in-drupal but with a different example.

This code uses an existing view 'my_custom_view' and adds 2 filters using 'add_item'. One filter is a simple taxonomy term id, and the other is a term id with depth = 1 from a specific vocabulary.

  $view = views_get_view('my_custom_view');
  $options = array('value' => 15);
  $view->add_item($view->current_display, 'filter', 'taxonomy_index', 'tid', $options, 'tid');
  $options = array(
     'value' => 10,
    'type' => 'select',
    'vocabulary' => 'my_vocabulary',
    'hierarchy' => 1,
    'depth' => 1
  $view->add_item($view->current_display, 'filter', 'node', 'term_node_tid_depth', $options, 'term_node_tid_depth');

It's also possible to alter existing properties using 'get_item' and 'set_item', but I had caching issues with this type, because the original view would have the filters already set (instead of really adding them dynamically with add_item).

  $filter = $view->get_item($view->current_display, 'filter', 'term_node_tid_depth');
  $filter['value']['value'] = 10;
  $view->set_item($view->current_display, 'filter', 'term_node_tid_depth', $filter);


  if ($view->result) {
    $count = count($view->result);
    $html = $view->render();
  } else {
    // no results

As said in original article, the best way to create these dynamical views is by examining and export of a view with the filters already added through the UI.


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