Notes DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

Here is a recap of some of the stuff we learned during DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014!

Drupal 8

Content staging in Drupal 8

CMI in Drupal 8

Tasty backend

The future of HTML and CSS

By the way: another session was about something very experimental called GSS: grid style sheets (polyfills from the future!)

Other stuff worth checking out:

Automated frontend testing

  • video
  • Phantom.js & casper.js

Headless drupal

PHPstorm tips for Drupal developers

Other recaps here and here.

This year our group was joined by Teun van Veggel who has his own Drupal shop in Madrid! The next Drupalcon won't be too far for him ;)

Drupal 8: which Drupal 7 modules went into core?

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